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IT Diksha will provide excellent Information Technology (IT) training courses for students, Working Professionals, and job seekers. IT Diksha is a leading learning service and professional development solutions, provider. Our trainers hold a good experience of more than 15 Years working with reputed companies and handled many real-time projects. Their experience will help our students get clear concepts and become more creative. In most IT courses, students need creativity, do not worry, we help our students in building creativity in their minds. The way we designed our course, will make the students learn and explore the subject innovatively. We give complete freedom to our students, by providing free access to the software system and laboratory.

Our Students receive high-quality training designed to implement programs using proven techniques in the areas of safety, security, risk, reliability, quality, and the environment. Return to work with new or refreshed skills and tools that will improve the efficiency of your operations and assist in compliance with applicable regulations and standards. We, Will, teach our students to how to face interviews, FAQs & Conducting internal exams. We will provide the IT Diksha Certificate for students after completion of the course
IT Diksha will provide End to End IT Infrastructure Support & Services. We help you to build IT Infrastructure setup, IT Consulting, IT Managed Services, IT Cloud Management, IT Remote Services, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Enterprise Security, and Other IT Serveries like IT Procurement Support, and Policies Design. IT Diksha will provide innovative services to help clients build and support highly optimized and reliable IT infrastructures. With deep skills and knowledge, including industry-leading expertise, IT Diksha focuses on understanding its client’s business goals and requirements and then translating business and strategic objectives into IT requirements.

We work closely with technology and your business organizations to create IT capabilities that not only meet today’s needs to reduce cost but also address tomorrow’s requirement for enhanced business and operational capabilities. Our staff of highly qualified professional consultants provides services and expertise that range from architectural design to implementation and maintenance of complex IT setups.

IT Diksha will also provide IT & NON-IT Placement Solutions, which helps an organization find a better employee for their organization.

IT Infra Solutions

Placement Solutions

IT Diksha Placement Solutions agency has understood the importance of cultivating strong inter/intrapersonal relationships between candidates and clients. Apart from providing manpower to the clients, this agency also undertakes several IT assignments which comprise multiple activities that include IT Freelance Support, Remote Support for Short or long projects, Build New IT Infrastructure (Server, Network, Security, Backup, Application, Policies, etc..), IT Hardware Sales/Support/AMC/rental for Laptop and Desktops. searching partners in technology and finding clients to hire candidates. This agency primarily provides employees in the IT & Non-IT Sectors in India and other regions. Majorly we are experts in IT recruitment. This is one of the most preferred placement firms among others as they provide the right candidates and companies according to their various requirements.